SKODA has come out with a new advertising campaign and this one features Sir Bradley Wiggins.

The advertisement follows the professional and personal moments in Wiggin’s life and will be a real treat for his fans. The advertisement is created by Fallon. It talks about the long hour and the pain that Wiggins has put into professional cycling. It also carries some of the personal moments that he spends with family and friends.

The new television commercial of SKODA came after the Out of Home campaign that the company has recently conducted. The UK head of marketing of SKODA, Kirsten Stagg, said that the dichotomy of everyday life is what is captured in the advert. There is a lot of rush that everyone has to go through to complete his or her daily routines. But, the most rewarding part of the day comes when the person gets to spend some quality time with his friends and family. This is what the advert is looking to emphasize.

Bradley Wiggins said that the main crux of the advert is what attracted him and this is why he said yes to doing the SKODA ad. The idea really stuck his mind.

He said that he has spent 20 years of life fully committed to professional cycling and hence he has missed many of the precious moments with his family and friends. This is the first year that he will be making it to his kid’s birthday and parties without worrying about where he will be and what he will be doing. These are very few things in life, but only when one gets involved in it will one realize what he or she is missing. At a time when Wiggins name is surrounded by the doping controversies, there is no doubt that he needs the support of his family and friends to give him the necessary strength and support.