Robbie holds a high estimation of Matthews and the crash which destroyed his dream of being in the Tour this year. Robbie believes that he will have a splendid year in Australia. He is of the opinion that he is going to conquer the stage wins and also the national title.

Matthews was totally destroyed when there was a crash in training at Monaco. McEwen believes that he will be back with training. Though Matthews was absent in the tour but he came back with renewed energy from his injury. So much was his zeal that he won Vuelta a Espania. It was among the three races which are considered to be grand. He also had the Giro d’ Italia trophy in his hand. In fact he held the jersey of the leader for three days.

Last weekend he came 14th in the championship of Spain. He is training on making his debut in the tour de France a spectacular event. Missing out last time always brings back sour memories especially when he was fully prepared for the tour. McEwen is leaving no stone unturned to motivate him and be his support in the crucial time. He has to focus on the big goal which lies ahead of him and any cause of determent will be fatal for him according to McEwen.

In fact his reputation is also at stake therefore he has to prove that first to the world. After the Giro there will be Spring Classics and he has to participate in all the events as far as possible. All expect him to be good in the upcoming season as high hopes are pinned towards him. He is a great sprinter hence he should prove it to the world by performing in the events.