A survey carried out on cyclists who ride around at night dangerously without lights brought up that about 89% were doing this and so not obeying the law.

The Thames Valley Police reported that there are almost 110 cyclists who were stopped between 6.30pm to 9pmin Oxford’s High Street.

Among those, 97 of them paid a £50 fine for not riding with enough light that is necessary for their safety on the roads. The law also states that the cyclists can avoid the fine if they but front and rear lights and also provide the receipt of that at the police station in a few days along with a fixed penalty notice.

Inspector Oscar Hayward said that there are 10 police officers who have been specially appointed to check this event and there will be many checks that will be conducted in the months to come. He mentioned that is for the cyclists to understand that even though they can see what is coming in front of them, they are vehicle that is coming with its headlights on may not see them. A well-lit street doesn’t guarantee their safety. The operation so carried out has been a success as the team got hold of many such cyclists. It is necessary for the cyclists to have the front and back lights on and it would be best if they wore clothes with visible colouring.

The operation carried out by police on Monday was very much welcomed by Cyclox, the Oxfordshire cycling group that does campaigns in the city for cycling safety.

Dr. Alison Hills said that they support the initiative strongly and are very happy that the police took the step. Although they do not have such a program, the police has their full co-operation in this.