Earlier this year, Team Sky’s former rider- Jonathan Tiernan-Locke had been banned for about two years because he had failed a particular drug test that was taken in September 2012. Locke claimed that the blood levels were abnormal because of the alcohol that he had consumed during an outing in which he was celebrating his deal with Team Sky.
However, since Locke was not able to provide concrete reasons for the abnormalities in the reports, the Ukad confirmed Locke’s ban in August that had already been announced by UCI. Following UCI’s announcement Team Sky had terminated Locke’s contract on the 17th of July, 2014. His Tour of Britain 2012 title was also taken away after the ban.
Jonathan Tiernan-Locke initially made several attempts to clear his name and establish the fact that he was innocent. Later on, he stopped the attempts and accepted the ban. But he had decided that after the ban is over, he will not make a comeback. This was sometime in the month of August.
In contrast to that decision, Locke has very recently put forward this view that he still wants to be involved with cycling and encourage cycling among the young riders.
Locke participated in the Exmoor Beast Sportive on the 19th of October, 2014 and said that the reason behind his participation was that he wants to stay connected with the sport.
In an interview, Locke said that he was getting more involved in coaching so as to persuade young guys to pursue a career in cycling.
He even made it very clear in the interview that he had always loved cycling and his heart is still very closely associated to racing. According to him, he thinks his cycling career is not yet over and he is not done competing.
Jonathan Tiernan-Locke’s two year cycling ban is going to continue till 31st of December, 2015.