A lot of you have heard rumors that the Kingston Bike Festival is happening and that Metro Jam is a part of it. There’s also a super cool new BMX race but no one knows much more. So here’s the rundown. The whole thing is going down in Kingston Ontario.

Kingston is a city of about 150,000 people. It’s located in the middle of eastern Canada’s three biggest cities, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. It’s two to three hours drive from each, and it’s an hour north of Syracuse, NY. Most Americans flying in for the events should probably fly into Syracuse. It’ll be much cheaper than flying right into Kingston. Racers will know this because Kingston has hosted some pretty big races.

The web sites don’t have a lot of info on them right now but check back often. We’ll be updating them soon, and regularly. The Kingston Bike Festival website is more for general public to view. Riders should go to the Metro and ERA sites.