After coming very close to quitting the sport this year, American Taylor Phinney has said that cycling needs to be improved thoroughly.

Over the past few years, Taylor Phinney has repeatedly asked himself if there really is a point for him to continue in the game.

Phinney has expressed his opinions about the sport in a recent interview with Cycling News in Catalonia, the American is just settling into his new team, the cannondale-drepac and he seems to be adapting very well to the surrounding. The theme of him quitting the sport was recurrent throughout the interview and was thoroughly addressed.

Phinney was sure that he would have quit the sport by now and he said that finding himself on the wheels is nothing short of a surprise to him. He said that he was “pretty certain” that this year was going to be his last in the world of professional cycling.

“I’d go to bed at night and dream about what I was going to do with my life,” he admitted.

From an early age, Phinney had shouldered quite a bit of expectations, he had an injury that almost ended his career back in 2014: a leg break. This year was the first full season he had completed ever since his rehabilitation process. While the process was a success, he has found it difficult to find any use in professional bike racing.

He said that the pressure in the sport has increased tremendously as of late and that has caused many young and inexperienced riders to be burnt out.

“If you keep on with this trend, it’s like a human that doesn’t think, doesn’t process anything, like hamster on a wheel.

“But cycling is the most beautiful sensory experience you can have as a human, that’s the heart and soul of cycling. That’s what going to save the sport at some point because the sport needs saving,” he said.