$20,000 purse.

Metro will go down in the brand new five thousand-seat K-Rock Center. This year’s pro event will be invite only. That sounds shitty and we never, ever wanted to do an invite contest, but we feel as though we were forced to do this. Qualifying used to take six full hours because half of the guys entered weren’t actual pros.

They were amateur riders who didn’t get into the amateur contest. Not only was it unfair to ask the spectators who paid for their seats to watch the amateur riders, it was super dangerous to ask the pro riders to ride practice beside a bunch of riders who had no business being on the course and often got in the way. We’re going to be doing a number of amateur events in several Canadian cities.

Out of those contests we’re going to qualify twelve riders who go straight into a Metro final held on Saturday night, right after pro qualifying. This should make for a banger night of riding. We’ll have all the qualifying cities locked down and we’ll announce them in a few days.