The weather is warming up a bit.

This means this is time to ride. Critical Cycles, a well known commuter lifestyle bike company, introduced bikes that you can worry a lot less about because – one, they cost a lot less. Only $199 can make you have a Harper Coaster. It is a steel-frame and single-speed bike and can be rode fixed and freewheel. The firm also caters to people of bike theft with a twenty percent discount for anyone who has had a bike filched in the last ninety days.

The online-only sales of the company are part of what holds the prices low. Critical Cycles CEO Ely Alexander told that there are increasing number of people who just does not make their purchase in shops anymore. They are now also serving people to look for a bike that suits their lifestyle and they are happy about.

$199 bucks is not a chump change, but this is incredibly cheap for a bicycle like this. Part of what makes Critical Cycle’s bargains possible is that you are cutting off out the bike shop. No middlemen is involved here taking their chare or pushing a product.

It takes much less time to assemble it yourself. You must note that replacing the original parts along with ‘non-original’ parts quashes Critical’s warranty. This suggests that no swapping out the bars or anything. It is finally a solid bet if you are looking for a budget single-speed.