$5000 purse
For the first time in years Metro will be holding a flatland contest. It’s going to be on Wednesday night at a really cool spot in the city center. It’s going to rock. Stay tuned to the Metro site for details.

CONFIRMED EVENT: Aug 30 – 31 Metro JAM

$20,000 purse.

Metro will go down in the brand new five thousand-seat K-Rock Center. This year’s pro event will be invite only. That sounds shitty and we never, ever wanted to do an invite contest, but we feel as though we were forced to do this. Qualifying used to take six full hours because half of the guys entered weren’t actual pros.


The Metro Jam’s Jay Miron sent over word of an upcoming Metro Jam going down later this summer. The event is part of the Kingston Bike Festival, starting with a Metro Jam on August 30-31, continuing with flatland on September 3 and ending with the ERA BMX race and jumping comp on September 5-6. The whole package is happening in Kingston, Ontario, about 1 hour north of Syracuse, NY and the total purse for all three events amounts to $65,000 Canadian.


The total purse for all of the events is $65,000 Canadian. The Canadian dollar is pretty much on par with the American dollar these days. $35,000 goes to freestylers and $30,000 goes to racers. The break down per event is below.


A lot of you have heard rumors that the Kingston Bike Festival is happening and that Metro Jam is a part of it. There’s also a super cool new BMX race but no one knows much more. So here’s the rundown. The whole thing is going down in Kingston Ontario.